John Deere
Commercial Equipment:

Pro Series Line Trimmer

Select a type of Pro-Series™ equipment to learn about the benefits, attachments, and warranty, and to price the trimmer, blower, or saw for you.

2305 Compact Tractor

 This is a 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine with 24 horse power.

Gator Utility Vehicles

 The Gator Utilities vehicles include three series such as the High-Performance series, the Traditional series and the Compact series.

Golf & Turf Equipment:

Triplex Greens Mowers

 The 2500B Riding Greens Mower has been engineered to give an exceptional quality of cut, the utmost in operator comfort and the highest level of serviceability. The 2500E Hybrid Greens Mower is designed to meet the demanding needs of golf course superintendents and other turf grass professionals who place a high value on the reduction of hydraulic leaks, reduced sound levels, quality of cut, ease of operation, and ease of service.

Wide Area Flex Mower

 Intended for customers with large areas to mow and hills to climb, the 1600 Turbo Wide-Area Mower features a 57-hp, turbocharged, overhead-valve, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engine with on-demand or full-time mechanical rear wheel drive. Mow up to 68 acres in an 8-hour day with a nearly 11-foot cutting width.

Turf Collection System

 Towed attachment allows one person to easily pickup and dump turf debris such as aeration cores, sand, clippings, leaves, thatch, or pine straw.

Bunker and Field Rakes

 Provides excellent pushing and pulling power.  It provides easy access to engine for trouble-free service and rake quality.


 Provides capacities from 15 to 40 gallon tow behind sprayer.

Lawn & Garden Equipment:

Self-Propelled Mowers

 If you're looking for quicker, easier lawn, check out the J Series self-propelled mowers that make these models a perfect match for your yard.

X Series Tractor

 Four-Wheel Steering makes this selected series the most manoeuvrable tractors ever.

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